Monday, October 27, 2008


The magazine could be going better. I am still determined to make the January launch date, but I am getting somewhat concerned about the lack of content. While much of it is ready to go, I still want probably four or five more pieces of fiction and at least one solid piece of criticism now that I have decided that the zine should include some solid scholarly writing rather than simple, shallow book reviews. I know that once it appears and has gone a couple of issues, it will get easier to attract quality content. I really do not want to sound a flat note on issue one, however, by either putting out a thin issue or by releasing a lot of fluff. I am also strongly resisting any impulse to fill some of the pages with any of my own fiction—I don’t have anything ready anyway and I don’t want to the M-Brane mag to ever look like it’s merely a tool for my own self-promotion.

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