Friday, January 8, 2010

Submissions glitch!

Writers: I have discovered that two writers submitted stories to me during September that I somehow did not receive, nor could I find any record of correspondence with them between the date the submission was sent and the date that they queried me about the status of their submission. I suspect that a day or so of my email was lost in the aether somehow. I recently cleared out the slush pile and have no pending submissions dated later than about the last week of December. So, if you a writer who has submitted a story to M-Brane SF before late December and feel that I have not responded, please email me at mbranesf at gmail dot com, and I will look into it. My response time is admittedly a bit erratic, ranging from same-day to perhaps three weeks, but it is never three or four months. So something is wrong if you have been waiting that long.

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