Saturday, January 1, 2011

Announcing issue #23 contents

I don't have the cover image done yet, but I do have the stories ready to announce for M-Brane SF #23, which we are going to persist in calling the December 2010 issue even though it's already January. The issue will release in a couple days. Also, in a few days I will announce the contents of issue #24, set for January 20, our second anniversary.

M-Brane SF #23
Seth S. Marlin "Era Solaris"
Erich William Bergmeier "The Miracle Cure"
Patrick Whittaker "The Skitterlings"
Jeff Kozzi "A Pediatrician in Wartime"
James Ward Kirk "Butterfly"
Margaret Karmazin "If Truth Be Told"

Kozzi and Karmazin have appeared in our pages before. The rest of these writers are new to the Brane, and we welcome them. It's a very nice group of stories.

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