Monday, February 6, 2012

M-Brane SF #30 Contents Announced

Below is the list of authors and stories that will comprise the forthcoming new issue of M-Brane SF. It is our 30th issue, after a hiatus of about seven months, and it will be the last one in its familiar format. A couple months ago I said that there would be a 30th and 31st issue, each with six stories, before ending the zine's run and shifting to a new concept, but some of the stories I wanted to include between those two issues fell though (my fault for being too slow at grabbing them) and I eventually decided to put these ten stories together into a somewhat fatter issue #30. Posting for the last time the ToC for my beloved zine kind of makes me want to cry, but it also fills me with a little bit of pride for the work that M-Brane SF did in bringing forward so much really great work from a lot of new writers. It was a really great run. And it's not over anyway: I will relaunch M-Brane SF in a new format later this year. The new issue will appear shortly and its subscribers will get their usual PDF download. Also, on publication day I will post its entire content for download on this site, and all of its stories will appear in print as part of the M-Brane SF Quarterly #4.

Travis King "Stumptown Physics: Toward a Unified Theory of Infinite Probability Amplitudes, Elective Affinity, and Amanda Palmer"
Mary E. Lowd "A Second Enchanted Evening"
Chris Stamp "Dandelion and Gossamer"
Corin Reyburn "Endangered Species"
Andy Dudak "The Blind Can't Hear the Stars"
Sevan Taylor "Long Haul"
Robert Drake "The Vitruvius Project"
Margaret Karmazin "Watch Over Me"
Christian Arrowmaker "Mirrors"
Jude-Marie Green "Shiver"

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