Thursday, November 20, 2008


I have really piled up a reading list for the coming couple of weeks. My friend Pat lent me his copy of KW Jeter’s Farewell Horizontal after I mentioned that I was between books and looking for something to read. That was yesterday, but just this morning I visited the library and came away with three other projects. The first is Samuel Delany’s short story collection Aye, and Gomorrah and Other Stories, which should serve me well during down time at work. This also happens to be the last Delany offering that our library has for me, so I will have to hunt up more at bookstores eventually. The second book I selected is China Mieville’s Perdido Street Station. I have not yet read anything by Mieville and had not really sought him out knowing that he is considered to be a “fantasy” writer, and fantasy is not usually my genre. Yeah, I understood him to be a “new” kind of fantasist and a member of the “new weird” group and so on…but still. I recently listened to an interview with him on Agony Column, however, and found him to be so interesting to listen to that I decided I’d give his books a chance the next time I encountered one. So I am pretty excited sitting here looking at this still unread copy of Perdido Street Station and am planning to dive deeply into it yet tonight. Unless something else gets in the way first, that something else being my third selection: PAUL OF DUNE. I wasn’t really ready for a new Dune book yet. I know they come out roughly annually and I was vaguely aware that Paul of Dune was either due soon or maybe already out there. Normally, I am pretty excited about the Dune releases—happy to be fed all the Dune lore they want to shove my way—but I just have so much else going on right now that I feel that I am being forced into reading it right now just because I saw it today and checked it out from the library. And this new one launches yet another trilogy. Jeeeeezus! I’ll update y’all soon on it. [Images with this entry are cover art from a foreign edition of Paul of Dune, Aye and Gomorrah, and Perdido Street Station as well as China Mieville, all taken from the various books' Amazon listings.]

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