Wednesday, October 21, 2009

M-BRANE #10 preview

Here's the table of contents for M-Brane #10, due out on November 1. We have a couple fewer stories in this one than in recent issues, but the items by Jeffers and Kenning are both novelette-length stories that I hope everyone will have time to read because they are quite lovely.

Finley, Watts, Gifford and Kenning are new to the pages of M-Brane SF. This is Jeffers's first appearance in the zine, but he was also recently published in our anthology Things We Are Not. Novy and Griffiths have each appeared in these pages a number of times before. Novy's entry is part of a series of stand-alone stories with the same main characters, other installments of which have appeared in other zines. Griffiths' story continues his Skinjumper serial. Hartley and Keller have each had one previous appearance in M-Brane.

Alex Jeffers: Jannicke's Cat
Liam R. Watts: The End of the Beginning
Toiya Kristen Finley: A Mix of Electricities
Rick Novy: How to Eat a Cobalt Bomb
Michael D. Griffiths: Take That
Robert E. Keller: The Mouth of God
Jennifer Gifford: From Embers to Ashes
James Hartley: The Spacebum
A.J. Kenning: Earners

I am continuing the offer of free M-Brane subscriptions (PDF edition) for people who purchase Things We Are Not either directly from me (print or electronic) or by way of the CreateSpace store (print). Visit the TWAN page for all the purchase options and details. Also, while it should be obvious, I'll add that one does not need to be "queer" to enjoy that anthology.  It is a collection of fine sf that can be appreciated by nearly anyone (It does contain some erotica, but not in every story, and it's not all about that).

Note to people who buy ebooks from Amazon (Kindle) or from Mobipocket: Things We Are Not as well as all issues of M-Brane SF from issue #4 onward may be purchased in in MOBI (.prc) format directly from M-Brane SF. The option is already there on the TWAN page for the anthology, and I will add it later today to Page 2 for ordering the zine.

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