Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One more day for Preditors/Editors vote

As many readers may be aware, the Critters Writers Workshop presents each year the Preditors & Editors Readers Poll where people can vote for their favorite stories, books, zines and artwork published either in  print or electronically. While I find it somewhat embarrassing to solicit votes, I will note that M-Brane SF and Things We Are Not are among the nominees for 2009 (in the magazine/e-zine and anthology categories respectively). And I really should try to get out the vote on behalf of the great writers who made the zine and the book possible, since I feel somewhat bad for dropping the ball on getting some more of the great writers nominated specifically.

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Anonymous said...

And to anyone reading this, I should point out that Chris himself was nominated as an editor. I can't think of any other editor in the small press who is more deserving.

Christopher Fletcher said...

::blush:: Thanks, Derek! I actually missed seeing that somehow (in the book/e-book editors list). I feel very honored that someone nominated me, but I do believe that what I do is probably the smallest part of end product. For my zine and books, the content itself and its talented writers is what it's all about. The successes of the first year and the glitches, too, were all good learning experiences and should make the second year even better.


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