Saturday, February 20, 2010

Writers links updated

I've been neglecting updates to the list of M-Brane writers links (located on the right hand side of the page, a few meters down). So I just added a whole bunch of people to it. If you are a writer who has been published or is scheduled to be published in M-Brane and have a web presence and wish to have a link to it, and do not see your name here, let me know by email at mbranesf at gmail or here in comments, and I will add you. Writers are listed alphabetically by first name. Also, if you are listed there, you might check to see if your link is still going to the right place. Sometimes people change their locations and I may not be aware of it.

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Anonymous said...

Chris, if you could link to my LiveJournal that'd be really, really nice....


Joyce Reynolds-Ward

Christopher Fletcher said...

Got it. Thanks!

swartzfeger said...

Hi C, Jay from issue #13.

Jay Swartzfeger

Christopher Fletcher said...

Got it, Jay. Thanks.

D. D. said...

D. D. Tannenbaum

Christopher Fletcher said...

Got it, Dan. Thanks!


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