Thursday, April 8, 2010

Progress report

I can't believe I have not posted to this page since the release of M-Brane #15. I have a good excuse, however: we have been deep in the process of getting ourselves moved back to STL, and for most of the past week have been there working on finding a new home to rent. I'm happy to report success on that, and also on finding a decent new day job. We leave OKC by May 1.

To writers with submissions pending: I am sorry for my recent rather slow response times, but I intend to catch up within a few days. A few writers will be getting the exciting news that have had stories accepted for M-Brane #16. Yes, it's April 8 and I have not yet booked a single story for the May 1 issue. But I swear I will soon, and news of the next table of contents will show up right here in a few days.

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