Wednesday, February 9, 2011

M-Brane #25 ToC announced

The cover image is not ready yet, but the story contents are final for M-Brane SF #25, the February issue due out on about the 20th. Prepare for these fine items:

Anna Caro "The Shape of My Wife"
Catherine Batac Walder "Of the Magdiwang that Never made it to Baguio and other Studies of Trains"
Grey Valleau "Tiger"
Michael Ray "Alchemy"
Shaun O. McCoy "Electric Blues"
Peta Freestone "Neverspring"

(actual order of this ToC may be different)

Readers will find this to be an interesting mix of stuff, ranging from straight-up hard sf to a couple of items that are a bit harder to classify. All six of these writers are new to M-Brane SF, and most are new to me as well, though I know a couple of them by reputation and their other work. Also, I am delighted to have ended up with a majority-female ToC after several months of not having very many women in our pages. As I've said before: while I like boys, that doesn't mean they need to dominate the zine's pages all the time.

Michael Ray is editor of Redstone Science Fiction, a fairly new and well-regarded periodical. Shaun McCoy's a martial artist about whom one ought to think twice making fun of for playing D&D. Grey Valleau is also a martial artist as well as a neuroscientist, devoted now to fiction writing. Peta Freestone's night job is editing Scape, a new sf ezine for young adults. Catherine Batac Walder, a native of the Philippines, resides and writes in England and has given me an item of that Filipino-influenced speculative fiction that I have come to love. Finally, writer and editor Anna Caro is well-known in the New Zealand spec fic world, and I know readers will love her contribution to this issue.

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