Monday, February 20, 2012

M-Brane SF #30 released; downloadable for free right here

The new issue of M-Brane SF is available now, for free download, by clicking right here. It features the following great new stories.

Travis King "Stumptown Physics: Toward a Unified Theory of Infinite Probability Amplitudes, Elective Affinity, and Amanda Palmer"
Mary E. Lowd "A Second Enchanted Evening"
Chris Stamp "Dandelion and Gossamer"
Corin Reyburn "Endangered Species"
Andy Dudak "The Blind Can't Hear the Stars"
Sevan Taylor "Long Haul"
Robert Drake "The Vitruvius Project"
Margaret Karmazin "Watch Over Me"
Christian Arrowmaker "Mirrors"
Jude-Marie Green "Shiver"

It also happens to be the final issue of the normal run of this zine. I am planning a return with a different format later this year, but for now, this is it. Last night I posted some comments and reflections about this.

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