Wednesday, October 28, 2009

AETHER AGE guidelines posted!

I have posted the most current version of the Aether Age writers guidelines. Click here to visit our Issuu  page where the guidelines document can be downloaded or read online. We'll start looking at submissions on November 15, with the deadline being January 30.

Soon there will be a separate page dedicated to Aether Age affairs, and I will post notice of it here when it's online.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding the provisional Aether Age logo:
original image courtesy of . The image is licensed via a CC Attribution: .

The font is Tiza Chalk is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this project.
What image are you looking at on the tronics page.
i like the pics of the Highlands in Scotland - not far from where I live!


Anonymous said...


Some very nice pics from tronic. this image is here:

Anonymous said...

Yes... nice pic.
I don't think it's of the Scottish Highlands though.
It's the view from my back window!!!


Unknown said...

I'm thinking about creating a Greek Character. An important background to the story will be that Greek slaves, at least in any major numbers, would be forbidden to work on any space going vessel. (Perhaps due to the fear that they could take over a ship). I just don't want to overstep my bounds.

Christopher Fletcher said...

I'm sure that's a possibility, Mike. Go ahead and write something and see how it turns out. I actually hadn't thought about human slavery in this universe, but it makes sense that some sort of thing like that might be going on. Interesting idea.

Anonymous said...


Consider choosing ships from a specific greek city-state: might give you more leeway to call the shot with less likelihood of conflicting w other contribs.

Asher Elbein said...

Hi, new to this but interested in contributing. Are there animals in aether? Do we know wether or not the aether has enfolded the earth before? I was thinking it might be interesting if the aether has drifted across earth in the past, and so some of the astroids and planets hold primeval life (not dinosaurs, neccisarily, although that would be kind of cool) in a somewhat similar fashion to the old pulp stories about venus and mars. If, for example, the astroids support plants, why not support some animal life as well? And evolution would certainly proceed fairly rapidly on such isolated environments. Birds (both flightless and not) some species of prehistoric mammals, things like that. How does that sound?

Christopher Fletcher said...

I think that's a very interesting speculation. To answer your question...who knows? Maybe! It's not a thing we have established one way or another yet. If you have a story to tell involving such elements, I'd say go ahead and give it a go.

Gileadslostson said...

Maybe I have missed it elsewhere if I have sorry.

Since the atmosphere is breathable and there is no gravity, what temperatures are we talking about? Obviously not in the low kelvins but do people need protective clothing?

Also due to the fact there is little or no gravity trees and plants would not grow straight, twisting and turning probably in their search for sustenance. Same with animals.

The dark side of the moon will be (at least in my sub) also forrested but with non-photosynthetic plants. is that ok?

Thx Marc

Christopher Fletcher said...

Probably all reasonable suppositions. We're going to assume that temperature is such that protection from cold is not much of an issue.

Gileadslostson said...

Excellent =D Now I really just need to get it wrapped up.

Thanks for answering so fast.



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