Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How girls and gays are ruining teh sci-fi!

[UPDATE: I added below the post a bunch more icky gay pics, from the Star Trek: Phase II episode "Blood and Fire" from David Gerrold and Carlos Pedraza. Just to stick it to the haters a little more. The boy in red is Captain Kirk's nephew Peter.]

If you have somehow not heard about this yet, either from Outer Alliance discussion, or me tweeting about it, or the hundreds of other people tweeting about it after I did, or from Facebook or from Scalzi's blog, there exists a moronic online magazine of neo-misogyny (called The Spearhead, no less) on which someone identifies science fiction as being the proper domain of men and boys, and decries Skiffy Tube for "feminizing" the genre with such supposedly dickless and "politically correct" shows as the recent Battlestar Galactica. Oh, and the gays are fucking up the Doctor Who/Torchwood universe, too. The icing on the cake is that the post's author (don't know his name, he just goes by the ridiculous monicker "Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech") provides a link to a raving piece of douchebaggery so douchey it's almost sublime in its douchiness, that being actor Dirk Benedict's screed about how the new Galactica castrated his Starbuck character. That article appears to be the original source material for Dumb-Male/Anti-Woman's post. Seriously, new-style female Starbuck could kick old-style male Starbuck's cheesy ass after chugging down a couple bottles of whatever that liquor is that they're always drinking on that show.

What a bunch of horseshit.  And I am sick of the idea that anything that isn't all about white straight male douchebags and their toys is automatically a manifestation of "political correctness." It's really quite funny in a way, but also maddening.

I almost feel bad about picking on these people. It sort of feels like beating up on Moon-landing conspiracy theorists. It's too easy a target. They're so isolated and pitiful and fringey that I almost feel like a bully for drawing attention to it. But with all the talk that goes in the blogosphere about what science fiction is, what it should be, what it will be in the future, how it stacks up against other literature, and so on, I think it's worth shining some light on this particular dank hole so that we realize these attitudes still exist and that so people who are less familiar with the genre understand that not all sf-loving boys are this dumb.

[Like Scalzi, I decided not to taint my own blog by driving traffic directly from here to the page in discussion with a link, but if you don't know where it is and want to read it, you'd probably hit on it eventually by Googling things like "spearhead" and "war on science ficton."]

[Oh, and I selected that Torchwood image just to do my part in further ruining sci-fi with male/male love].

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Dayton Ward said...

FUCK YEAH! SF needs more throbbing, testerone-fueled male goodness, the likes of which can only be written by authors like Andre Norton, C. J. Cherryh, or even James Tiptree, Jr! That'll teach those politically correct pussies to stay in their place.

Oh, wait.....

Anonymous said...

Female Starbuck has more testosterone than male Starbuck ever did. Dirk Benedict should be thanking Katee Sackhoff.

That article was pure ridiculousness. That is EXACTLY why more people don't take sci-fi seriously. When the public thinks of the sci-fi community, they're actually thinking of douchebags like the Spearhead.

Melissa S. Green said...

Their spearheads are wilting.

Paula R. Stiles said...

Well, have no fear. Last Friday's episode of Tits in Space--sorry, Stargate: SGU--gave red-blooded, hetero white males with no lives everywhere hope that Skiffy is still mainly interested in supplying fanboys with their free pseudoporn.

And I see they're going the Babylon 5 route and boldly *telling* us they've got a lesbian character while just showing us a stereotypically "older" Asian bureaucratic bitch who would probably loosen up a lot if she just got with a "real" man. Shame the only one appears to be Rush, and he's a nutter.


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