Sunday, December 27, 2009

ERGOSPHERE offer extended

I'm extending the awesome deal for ordering Ergosphere, or Ergosphere along with Things We Are Not (free M-Brane subscription included). The info is here on Page 2.  There is one slight modification: I neglected to specify before that I can only offer those prices for orders within the United States. Shipping to places like the UK is much, much too high for me to cut that kind of deal for non-domestic orders. I did let an order to Britain go through the other day, and ate the loss on it, because it was my own dumb fault for not being more clear about it. But from now on, the offer is only good in the US. I will, however, offer non-US readers the free M-Brane SF subscription (PDF edition) if they order either or both of the books from Amazon and email me a copy of their Amazon receipt.

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Anonymous said...

I took advantage of the Ergo/TWAN deal... gave my little brother my copy of TWAN over the holiday. :)


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