Monday, December 28, 2009


The twelfth issue of M-Brane SF, a special issue guest edited by Rick Novy has been released in its PDF edition this evening. The special trade paperback print edition of it, Ergosphere, has already started to reach  readers who pre-ordered it. I am continuing the special offers related to this book, originally set to expire on 12/24, as described in this post. There's never been a better time to become a regular subscriber.

I feel rather accomplished tonight. A year ago, I had acquired a few stories for M-Brane but hadn't yet published an issue. Since then, I have released twelve issues of the zine, published a stand-alone anthology (Things We Are Not), and am set to move ahead into an exciting second year which will see a dozen more issues of M-Brane SF and several new book projects.

Not everything has gone quite the way I wanted it to, particularly my ongoing difficulty in finding a stable way to fund my operations. On the other hand, a lot of opportunities that I had not been expecting have emerged and show much promise. Also, and perhaps most importantly, I have found a lot of great friends and talented colleagues during the past year, and that alone makes this all worth it.

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