Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A look at what's up

I apologize to regular readers for not tending much to this blog this month. It has been a rather hectic and busy season for me, even though I personally have little to nothing to do with the holidays this year. Some of the chaos has been day-job related and some of it is of my own making with having perhaps a couple too many projects in process at once. A few items drop off the list by the end of the month, however, and I should be refreshed and a bit more organized.  Here's the main news from M-Brane SF:

1. Issue #12, aka Ergosphere, releases in its PDF form by January 1. The trade paperback edition, however, is ready to ship now. See the 12/15 post for details about this. I have a nice deal going on with it, and there are still a few days to avail oneself. There's even an option to buy it along with Things We Are Not for a cheap price.

2. Cesar Torres's dozen-story short fiction cycle The 12 Burning Wheels is in process of getting ready for publication. This is going to be a remarkable item. It, too, will be published as a trade paperback and will be the first of several very special projects that I will bringing to readers during the next year. Expect to see more information, including a pre-order deal for it, sometime shortly after the first of the year.

3. Be in the habit of watching the Aether Age site. A lot of very exciting information has been posted there in recent weeks. This is gradually becoming not just a cool concept anthology but a multi-media extravaganza of high order which will include audio fiction and music. I wish to give a big shout-out to Brandon Bell who has been busily organizing these things.

4. Watch also in January for some more info regarding Derek J. Goodman's book Machina, which we are planning to release by April 1 and which will be super-cool. By the way, my announcements in recent weeks about this item and also Cesar's collection have prompted a few writers to query me about other possible book projects. I am not averse to seeing some pitches for new books, but I am not actively soliciting submissions for novels and short fiction collections yet either. I do want to plan some other projects for later on 2010, but I am taking it slowly and keeping my eyes open for some special opportunities rather than opening it up to general submissions.

I guess that's about it for now!

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