Saturday, May 1, 2010

Move completed; New story published!

I'll indulge in some bragging about the appearance of my short story "I Will Come Home"  in this month's issue of Crossed Genres. My pride in this publication comes not from satisfaction with my own work, but from the fact that Crossed Genres is such a fine publication and the fact that I appear alongside such talented people. As I have mentioned here before, I rarely finish any fiction and haven't gone so far as to submit any for a long time until this story, so it feels great to be back at it.

In other news: Jeff and I successfully completed our move to St. Louis Thursday afternoon. TV and internet was blessedly restored to us yesterday evening, and we are very happy with the new place. We do still, however, have a great deal of unpacking and setting up to do. This image will give you an idea of the current condition of the new M-Brane SF office.

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Anonymous said...

UGGG, unpacking! But at least the move portion is over.

Congrats on the story! I see both you and Kaolin Fire are in this issue: very cool. :)


Christopher Fletcher said...

Unpacking was what most of the day was spent on, and...DAMN is it ever tedious. My main assignment today was the room that we call my "library." I actually took pics of the way that the bookshelves were configured in the old house, but I decided today that I would implement a new organizational scheme for the books. So far, this has not been a totally great decision. But everything is out of boxes at least!

Anonymous said...

Well done on the published story!

Cliff said...

Congrats on the sale and on the successful move! W00t!


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