Thursday, December 11, 2008


I haven't posted for a few days, but that doesn't mean I haven't been working. Indeed, the magazine is coming together at a gratifying pace.  I think I did well by not promising its debut until February and thereby giving myself enough time to work on it at a reasonable--rather than crazy--speed. The last few days, the volume of new submissions of stories has slowed a bit.  That's a good thing right now, because I should probably slow my rate of acquisitions a bit, too. Issue # 1 is filled, and issue #2 is mostly filled.  I may have spots for a couple more stories in it depending on length. I don't really want to start filling up #3 or beyond yet, so I am satisfied with where things stand now. One minor problem is that I really need to make a decision one way or another on how I am producing the print version  (still little to no subscriber interest in it, but I still want it to be available simultaneously with the PDF edition). 

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Anonymous said...

I was thinking: I find so much genre stuff by stumbling on a review or interview on locus or the internet review of science fiction or other similar sites. Maybe those venues would be a good option for drumming up interest in the magazine. And I'm surprised at the relative lack of ad exchanges between genre magazines/webzines since it seems like a good mutual gain. The other thought is all those specialty book stores and comic book shops (getting a dedicated display on their counters), the kindle and other ebook options (apparently magazines do well in this arena). Anyway, Just some idle thoughts. Take care. bb


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