Monday, December 15, 2008


Possibly within a week (but certainly by the end of the month), I think I will have a final decision made on how the print version of the zine is to be sold, printed and distributed. The plan is to produce it by way of a print-on-demand publisher, and I am in process of deciding which one to go with.  It will then be sold online via that publisher and this site.  One good possibility is that I might use CreateSpace for it, and then it could be made available through Amazon as well.  The big downside of this plan is that the cover price will, of necessity, be rather whopping high depending on which options I pursue. Under my original, and now-probably-abandoned scheme, of me printing and mailing it myself, it was going to be need to be about $5.00/copy and that was just barely covering the cost. Under this other option, I do not foresee a cover price of less than $6.00 and it could be as high as $7.00, again with the cost just barely covered. And that's about what it is to buy a new paperback book, but there is quite a lot of content slated for each issue--issue #1 will have nine stories and some articles. I am not trying to turn any kind of profit off of this print version, either, so I'm willing to sell it pretty much at cost. The money to pay my writers and any profit that M-Brane SF could ever hope to generate will come from sale of the electronically-distributed edition and possibly ads should I decide to open it up to that.  The upside of the print-on-demand option, however, is that the end-result, the actual physical object, will probably be of a nicer quality. It also keeps me out of the printing and distribution business, which I fear would take up too large a share of the time that would otherwise be spent on the zine's content. When I started this project, I had sort of forgotten about the days, back when I was teenager, when I would spend countless hours each month with mailing labels and envelopes in order to get out each issue of my Trek fanzine. 

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