Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kindle developments

The blog as been available for a few days now as something that Kindle users may subscribe to by way of Amazon for download to their Kindles. I have to admit that I am not hopeful that a lot of people would pay to get a blog that can be gotten for free on the web, but it appears that some Kindle users do, in fact, go for things like that for the convenience of getting stuff on their device. Anyway, if anyone has a Kindle and a couple bucks (literally) to spare, it's a nice way to make a sort of micro-donation to M-Brane and give me another source of revenue-trickle for the overall operation. (And when I say "micro-donation," it is quite micro as far as what I get since Amazon takes a large chunk of the subscription fee).

Also, it appears that the zine itself will become available on the Kindle starting with issue #4. It may be live as soon as tomorrow. I'll update again with the link to it when it is.  I'd like to thank D.D. Tannenbaum for his generous assistance in achieving the conversion of the zine into a workable format for this purpose. While I don't have one of these devices myself to look at it directly, the Kindle preview that I was able to look at on the Amazon publishing platform looked great. I'm very happy about this progress.

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