Friday, May 29, 2009

Merc's got a story at DUNESTEEF!

Writer Abby "Merc" Rustad, whom all our readers will remember from M- Brane  #2  ("Unpermitted"),  has a story newly live at  The Dunesteef Audio Magazine "Hangman" is a highly entertaining little tale, presented in audio form with great flair. I mentioned this recently (because Derek Goodman also has a new item there), but I'll say again that I am becoming a bigger and bigger fan of these audio zines, and I like Dunesteef particularly well.

The format of each "show" consists of the presentation of the story followed by a segment of the producers hanging out talking about something for a while. In this new segment that starts with Merc's story, they chat for a while about the new Star Trek movie. Some other examples of this "dudes-talking-about-scifi-stuff" format can be found online, but this one is particularly good because of the lively and witty nature of their banter. Go listen to "Hangman" now!

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Merc said...

I'm late due to required RL stuff, but thanks so much for the plug! :D


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