Friday, September 4, 2009

Fiction excerpt at GreenPunk site

If anyone's interested, my new post at the GreenPunk website is another excerpt from my novel-in-progress (from a different section of the story than the one I included here in my Outer Alliance Pride Day post a few days ago). The site is still quite new and not exactly loaded with content yet, but it is starting to get interesting, with both non-fiction and fiction items appearing with some regularity. By the way, if any writers reading this have any story excerpts from new or in-progress (or even older work) that you think has a greenpunk sensibility, feel free to let me know about it. I'd be glad to get them posted over there and get some more voices in on it. It's fun.

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Anonymous said...

You do of course realize that with all these excerpts you're putting out there of Shame, we're all going to expect you to finish it one of these days, right?

Christopher Fletcher said...

Hah! It's part of a back-handed strategy on my part to make myself finish it. I'll start feeling pressured soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I want to read the full version. When's it going to be finished Chris?

Christopher Fletcher said...

That's a great question, Neil. I've been struggling with the fact that it has probably about twenty thousand words worth of holes in it still, and needs a couple of plot problems fixed. I have set and the missed so many deadlines on this already that I hate to make another claim about it. But I am aiming for a completed draft by end of October. I want to do National Novel Writing Month in November, and making myself finish this one might be some good practice for the rigor that November will require.


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