Monday, September 14, 2009

THINGS WE ARE NOT getting closer

I feel somehow out of touch with everyone when I let a couple days lapse without a new post either here or at the Region Between journal.  Here's what's been going on over here on the Brane:  I have been somewhat overwhelmed with my own self-created list of Stuff to Do lately, but I have made major headway during the last couple of days as far as digging myself out.

The major formatting and design work for Things We Are Not is now finished and I am very close to being able to get a proof from the printer, give it a last look, fix any last little mistakes and get the thing published. I am "officially" pushing back the release date to 10/15 from 10/1 because I do not feel comfortable promising that people will have copies in their hands by 10/1 since tomorrow is 9/15 already. Stuff took a bit longer than I thought it would this month. At this point, however, things will probably move pretty quickly, but I think a month from now is a comfortable date. It will be a pretty hefty book, weighing in at about 350 pages, in trade paperback format.  We will also have the usual e-versions (PDF, Mobi and Kindle). I hope to announce advance sales of it within a few days. I plan to offer some sort of deal for pre-release purchase and I will probably throw in subscriptions to the zine as part of it as well.  Details should be known in another week.

Oh. I guess at some point I also have to finish M-Brane #9, too! That's due by 10/1. Normally, this is the point during the month when I'd like to preview the TOC and cover, but we'll just be a bit late on that this time.  The issue itself will, however, be on time and it's going to be an especially great one, with new stories from the likes of Eden Robins, Mari Kurisato, Maura McHugh, Sue Lange, Jason Earls and others.

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Anonymous said...

M-Brane 9 sounds like it will be great!



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