Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some updates on current/pending projects

1. Rick Novy has been making his story selections for his special issue, M-Brane #12. While I have not read most of the stories myself yet, I am certain that it will be a terrific issue. I am considering making a special alternate print version of it available in a trade paperback format, laid out like a regular anthology as opposed to the normal magazine's design, as a format experiment, a possible dry-run for the Aether Age project. Not sure yet. Though incoming submissions were a bit slow during the reading period, it sounds like the selection process became quite competitive due to an overall high-quality pool of submissions.

2. Things We Are Not, the queer antho, is undergoing some editing work still, and it is going a bit more slowly than I had hoped. I think I am still on track for completion and release by 10/1. It is possible that the publication date may technically be 10/1 but it could be more like 10/15 for delivery of print copies to people. I hope it doesn't go that late, but I need to receive a proof copy, make sure it's OK, fix it if it's not, and that can slow me down a bit. I am off from the day job through Monday and am hoping to be to that proof stage by then. Also, I hope to be able to start offering advance purchase of the book in both print and e-editions any day now. Exciting! By the way, we are still not quite to goal on that fund drive. Just saying. I haven't been panhandling too much lately, because it tires me out, but we still need about $75.00

3. See this earlier post if you have interest in The Aether Age (formerly referred to as the Shared World). We're still taking comments and suggestions, but are now basing it on the document that can be downloaded via that post. It would seem to unaided eye that nothing has been going on with this project lately, but it will kick into higher gear after Things We Are Not is done. But now and over the next couple of weeks is probably prime time to make further comments on the first version of the guidelines/bible for it.

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