Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Goodman story at The Dunesteef!

Writer Derek J. Goodman ("Northern Girls With the Way They Kiss," M-Brane #4, "Rental Property," forthcoming in #6), has his new story, "In Absence of Mind Wiping Thingies,"  live right now in The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine. There are a bunch of cool audio fiction sites nowadays, and Dunesteef is one of the coolest. It stands to reason that I would think so since it appears that its editors and I have at least a fair amount in common as far as the kinds of stories we like. In addition to Derek, I have heard that M-Brane #2 alum Abby "Merc" Rustad ("Unpermitted") has something going up there shortly.  Also, I noticed that S.C. Hayden ("End Day," M-Brane #3) and Joshua Scribner ("Conductors," M-Brane #1, "Tortured Spirit," #5 forthcoming) have been published there as well.

I really need to somehow make more time to actually listen to and pay attention to more audio fiction: I am constantly playing some of it, but get too distracted by trying to write or edit or blog or email or Tweet at the same time and I miss most of the story.  I need to treat myself to some uninterrupted periods of kicking back and just listening. Dunesteef and all "my" cool writers with stories there are inspiring me to do exactly that.

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Merc said...

Yup, a small chunk of time to just relax and listen (kinda like kicking back and watching some TV once in awhile) is definitely needed now and then--and well-deserved. :) I hope you can fit it in there!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug, Chris! Don't feel bad. I have a whole blort of audio fiction from various sites on my computer that I haven't listened to yet. Same reasons- I just can't concentrate on it while doing something else, so I have to wait for down time, which is this rumor I keep hearing about.


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