Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brief updates: Shared World and queer antho

I am heading into a deadly eight-day stretch of long days at the evil day job. I will, however, be making time during the evenings for M-Brane projects, such as getting issue #7 put together, considering the contents of the queer anthology and probably doing some brainstorming on the Shared World project.

Regarding the queer anthology: As I suspected, some writers have been working right up to the deadline. I received a bunch of new submissions just today. The deadline is tomorrow, July 15...but I will probably consider anything that has arrived by the time I check mail after work on the 16th to have been submitted on time. I'm ahead of my own schedule on reading for this, and have already selected for certain five stories (and even notified two of their authors already), and based on these selections alone, this book is going to be very, very good. We may end up with perhaps fifteen to eighteen stories in the final table of contents, depending somewhat on length. I have two or three long novelette/almost-novella length pieces that I think are probably going to make the cut (which together will amount to a lot of pages), but I also have in hand some pretty great items at much shorter lengths. I think it's going to be a very fine anthology, and also very diverse in its content. I was concerned when I first planned this project that I'd end up with too many male-oriented stories, but that worry has proven unfounded since I have been receiving quite a high percentage of female-oriented stories and also stories of various types by female writers.

My blog posts may be infrequent for a few days, but feel free to continue adding thoughts on the Shared World Project in the comments, and I will add to it as I can. I think an important thing to think about some more is the alien involvement and the nature of the alien beings. I think we settled on the idea that the aliens aren't necessarily in the forefront of affairs, but that their influence lingers, and we need to know something about them anyway. So any weird, wild ideas in that realm would be a welcome addition. (If you're a new reader of this blog, you can find out more about the shared world by clicking the Shared World label at the end of this post).

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Anonymous said...

I've been much absent from posting about the shared world... I have the pager for work this week, so I'm pretty much stuck at home next weekend during what is normally our volunteer weekend, so maybe that will be a chance to catch up on some brainstorming.


Christopher Fletcher said...

I, too, have been slacking on the shared world, but I am off for a few days from the day job once I get past Wednesday and hope to pick it up again. I've been looking at some ancient history chronologies and have also been trying to dream up something about the nature of the aliens and their influence, but don't really have anything major to add yet.I'm also slightly behind schedule on M-BRANE 7 and still need to finalize a few story decisions for the gay book, but I think I'll get more or less caught up at the end of the week.


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