Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rick Novy to GUEST EDIT M-Brane #12

I'm excited to announce that writer Rick Novy will be the guest editor of M-Brane #12. Regular readers of the zine will remember him from his short stories "Road Rage" (#1), "Plan R" (#4), and the just-published "The Trouble With Truffles" (#6). Aside from his frequent appearances in M-Brane, he has to his credit approximately thirty other published short stories and has lately been producing the entertaining and informative Novy MIRror video podcast. For more information on Rick, go to his website and also check out this interview with him that we just published in M-Brane #6.

Yeah, it seems like issue #12 is pretty far away since #6 was just released a couple days ago, but there is a logic to it: by the time Rick and I decided on this plan, I had already started booking stories as far out as #10, and it seemed a good idea to allow a bit more time for this special issue anyway. Also, time flies. When I published issue #1, issue #6 seemed impossibly distant, yet now it's slightly in the past already.

Submission details: This involves a slight modification to normal routine with reading and replying to submissions. I will continue to be open for submissions as normal but all stories received between July 15 and August 31 will be automatically forwarded to Rick for consideration specifically for M-Brane #12. (I'll update the guidelines on Page 2 accordingly). Which means that I, myself, will not be reading for other issues during that time frame save for any stories that Rick may choose to decline for his issue but thinks that I may want to consider for a different issue. Final decisions on stories for the issue will be made by Rick shortly after the end of the submissions window. Overall, this will slow somewhat the formerly rapid clip at which I was responding to submissions (which has, admittedly, been slowing anyway. Ahem.). So writers should expect somewhat slower response times for a while. This isn't a bad thing, though (at least for me), because I am still booked out a bit farther than I'd like even with that submissions hiatus that we had in May. So some catch-up time is good. Also, the reading period for M-Brane #12 happens to start on the deadline for the queer anthology, so this will free some more time for me to concentrate on making the selections for that without having to process general M-Brane slush at the same time.

I had mentioned possibly dedicating #12 to the Shared World Project...but now I think that will either be pushed back to #13 or quite possibly be produced as a separate special issue. Details on that will follow once we are further along on the world-development for that project and when we have a better sense of when any stories can start getting written for it. That thing needs to be top-notch anyway, so some extra time there won't hurt anything.

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Anonymous said...

Will Rick be looking for anything specific in his issue, or just the same general stuff you look for?

Christopher Fletcher said...

I guess I'll let him answer that if he has anything special in mind. Basically science fiction like always, of course, but I am leaving the specifics entirely to his discretion and don't plan on seeing any of the stories myself until they are selected.

Merc said...

Very cool! :D

Rick Novy said...

It there will be any theme to the issue, it will be something that evolves naturally from the material that comes in. I have never done this before so it's something of an adventure. Submit whatever you think fit's teh M-Brane SF model. The issue I edit will no doubt be different from what Christopher builds, but that's part of the fun.

If you want a hint, I do tend to prefer optimistic endings. You can take me someplace very dark, but let me come out eventually.

Anonymous said...

I second what Merc said: very cool! :)


Anonymous said...

I don't do optimistic sci-fi often (that tends to be the domain of my fantasy) but I think I've got something to send. *waits for the fifteenth now*

Rick Novy said...

The optimistic thing is just a tendency. Good story trumps all.


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