Friday, July 24, 2009

My MINDING TOMORROW podcast included in SFBRP feed

Though I think my podcast review of Luke Burrage's novel Minding Tomorrow is quite nearly unlistenable, I was delighted the other day to learn that Luke included it in its entirety in a special episode of his Science Fiction Book Review Podcast. From what Luke told me about his download statistics, I suspect it was heard by many more people by way of Luke's site than mine. He also made sure to point out the existence of this blog and the M-Brane zine, which I appreciate of course.

I've found that a lot of the fun and gratification that comes from doing M-Brane comes from things like this where I get to collaborate with someone else in a way that results in some more audience members for everyone. In this case, Luke does a podcast that I knew about because he was a guest on the SFF Audio Podcast; then I learned from his podcast that he had written this novel; so I read it and reviewed it in audio form; and then he re-packaged that in his own podcast; and now I am directing people over to that. So, in the end, we all had some fun with it and more of my audience now knows about Luke, and more of his audience now knows about what we're doing over here, and it's a really nice thing.

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