Saturday, July 4, 2009

Status updates: various projects

Shortly after Rick Novy and I came up with the plan for him to guest edit M-Brane #12, I realized a couple of fortuitous things about the timing of it: the submission period coincides with the weeks that I will have the most work to do on the GLBT anthology; and I'm sure I can find a few extra minutes here and there to keep compiling and coordinating information on the Shared World project as that accumulates.

Those of you interested in the Shared World may have already looked over the summary document that I posted on Box a few days ago. If not, you can grab it from the previous shared world post. We've gotten a lot happening with it already, so I think it might be reasonable for us to strive toward having the universe in fairly "ready to use" in a few weeks, and then by perhaps the end of August be ready to start to thinking about some actual fiction for it.  Though a couple other topics are covered in this post, I will label it as a Shared World post so that its recallable with the rest of them, and if you want to make Shared World comments here, that's fine (or they can still go on the previous one, too--I'll re-summarize as needed). 

Some time remains before 7/15, so any writers who still wish to submit to the queer antho have a few days to get their stories in. Once the deadline passes, I expect to fairly quickly finish selecting the stories and then get to work on the editing and production of the book. I'm considering trying to hit up a "celeb" of some sort to contribute an introduction or essay, but haven't decided on that yet.

As to my personal writing projects, not a lot has changed since my last post on that topic, but I have polished a bit on the all the short fiction items, and they are looking a little shinier. I also started a new short story, but I have no idea what it's about yet: a beginning basically wrote itself using my fingers to operate the keyboard, but I have no idea where it's going yet. I have done a lot more staring at Shame (my novel) but no appreciable new writing on it yet. I spend a lot of time daydreaming about it while I am at the day job and thinking up all kinds of good solutions to the many missing scenes and good revisions of existing ones, but once I get home and actually face the page, I slow to a crawl. I think I will use the 8/31 end of the #12 submission period as an arbitrary deadline on myself to have the first draft completed. It would only amount to maybe 3 or 4K new words a week which should be easily doable. So I say now.  I also have another idea cooking that I think calls for novel-length treatment, but I may defer any work on that one for a few months. I am considering doing National Novel Writing Month in November (which confirms that I am crazy), and maybe it will be the project for that.

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