Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Naturally my biggest blunder in what was otherwise a pretty mistake-free first edition of M-Brane occurred right on the front page in the form of some omitted text from Glenn Lewis Gillette's story. I have begun redistributing the corrected edition: if you had one of the first-round copies and have not received the correction yet, you can see it right now at Glenn's website, where he has posted the complete issue.  It's a neat site anyway, and worth the visit for its other content as well.

The weather situation persists here, though we may be past the worst of it.  Of course my endless list of errands today required several lengthy and seriously slow episodes of driving around town that have wasted much of the day. I am in for the night, and hopefully tomorrow as well. My big goal related to the zine this week is to be able come up with an announcement on the details of the fabled print edition

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