Thursday, January 22, 2009


1. Damn and blast!   I am undeniably sick this morning! I'm pretty tough and don't fall ill very often--typically I'll get a cold or a stomach virus for a couple of days about once every second year and shake it off quickly, but this is the second bout of some kind of creeping crud in two months. I work in an assisted living facility where disease sometimes runs amok, and 'tis the season I suppose. I am off from work today, but I am annoyed at how my condition is probably going to waste a lot of what could have been a productive day at home.  If I'm going to be sick, I'd just as soon be at work, since that's a waste of time anyway and I can overlap some hours of feeling physically like hell with feeling mentally like hell. My method of coping with this (whether at home or at work) is to dose myself with TheraFlu, the high-test sleepy-time formula, not the silly "non-drowsy" kind.  It quells the aches and pains and puts me into a pleasantly stoned state for a few hours--that's the only reason I am able to sit up and do this post right now!

I knew something was wrong when I woke up at about 3am feeling a good deal of stomach discomfort and general full-body pain. Also, Maus (the cat) was pestering me excessively, making it hard to get back to sleep.  Looking back on it, however, from his perspective it was probably me who was pestering him. He insists on lying in the middle of the bed in between the pillows, near my head.  But if I turn over and face outward, then he gets up and comes around to the other side and needs me to get him re-situated.  No matter which way I am facing, he requires that I face him. So if I am tossing and turning a lot, then he has to do a lot of moving around too.  Its' really something else.

2. I've gotten out to the world a bunch more PDF copies of M-Brane #1, and Brandon Bell continues to offer ways to access it at his blog (see yesterday's post). So, you know, there's really not a lot of work on that I have to do today that cannot wait until I feel a bit better, so maybe I'll take it easy for a few hours. Maybe this afternoon if things are better, I will get back on finding people to send  it to.  Hey, if anyone is involved in any big genre-related groups of any sort who might like this, let me know and I'll try to either get them copies or tip them off to Brandon's download links. My blog is apparently once again part of some kind of "sci-fi creators" webring which I joined some months ago and then was kicked out because my blog isn't good enough or active enough or something.  But I guess I'm a member in good standing again (discovered this during a Google search on "mbrane sf." ) So maybe I'll look at that later and let my fellowship of the ring know all about it, too. Damn...I think the dose is wearing off...! Later!

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