Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Initial reactions to #1

The PDF of M-Brane SF #1 is traveling through the net, and I have been gratified to already have received a bunch of positive reactions to it from readers and from many of the writers whose work is featured therein or will appear in future issues. Though we're still some days away from its "official" publication and the availability of the print version,  I have decided to let this first one be freely available for anyone to examine starting immediately. In fact, Brandon Bell, author of the fine story "Do Men Dream of Bloody Sheep" in this issue, has made available a couple of different ways to download the issue on his blog. (click there). Brandon is rather more clever with the tech than I am.  After he explained to me how he set that up and after I saw what he did, I think I could repeat the feat and have it work directly from this page, which I may do later, but I am busy with other stuff right now (and y'all oughta be reading his blog anyway).  

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the praise :)... I was actually surprise at how 'not easy' it was to share a pdf file on a blog. I'm kind of picky so a lot of the options just didn't satisfy me. I actually found a new one that I think beats them all (maybe even downloading the file). Check it out here:


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