Monday, January 12, 2009


1. This morning, in his final White Press conference (I can't believe that  I can write those words and not have it be just a line from a science fiction story), President W opined that he had been "misunderestimated." I feel like I may have poorly estimated the timing of my planned early launch of the M-Brane zine: I thought it would happen as soon as Wednesday, but I may need to delay a couple of days because work (my day job) has intervened and junked up more of my time this week than was originally scheduled. Worry not, however.  I'll be back on track soon.  Let me just type those words again: "This morning, in his final White House press conference..."

2. Any writer looking at this blog who has a story in submission to M-Brane but has not received a reply yet will get one by the end of the day on Wednesday--I've fallen a bit behind on my reading, but it's not so bad that it could be called a "slush pile" yet. I've set for myself what outgoing Secretary of State Rice would call "an aspirational goal" (George Orwell, save us!) of replying to all subs in less than two weeks, but I see that I have a few items that are getting about that old.  I'll clear the in-box on Wednesday (including for anyone who has an acceptance but not a scheduled issue yet). 

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