Friday, January 30, 2009

LOCUS link/ #1 Corrected edition free on web/ Still effing around with the print version

There is a link to this site in today's "Blinks" items on Locus Online.  Pretty cool: maybe a lot more people will hear of the zine that way. A couple new subscriptions showed up, too, which is always encouraging.

I think I have pretty well redistributed the corrected edition of the issue #1 PDF (restoring a couple lines of omitted text from Glenn's page 1 story), but for anyone still lacking it but wanting it, it is available freely to the world in a couple of venues: Brandon Bell ("Do Men Dream of Bloody Sheep?") placed it here on issuu and links to it from his site in his 1/20 post (also located on his "credits" page); also Glenn Lewis Gillette ("Time Enough for a Reuben"), has it up on his site

CreateSpace has some formatting problems with my publication for the print edition, so I suppose I will be spending much of the day trying to fix that--I really just wanted it to be done today! We'll still make the 2/15 official publication though.  And once I've been through all of this once, then #2 should be a lot easier. In fact, #2 is in pre-production and so far it's not taking me anywhere near the time to put it together as #1 did.

Check out this story about President Obama on The Onion.  It made me laugh.

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Anonymous said...

I just saw the link on Locus. Awesome.



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