Saturday, May 2, 2009

Austin trip probably cancelled

Day job crap: Even though my hours keep being cut and my benefits were long since eliminated (recession excuse, issued ironically by a pro-W company even before their beloved President left office in disgrace),  I have been informed that it is unlikely that I will be able to get the days free of work that I would need to come down to Armadillo Con in August. So I guess I'm scrapping the dumb fundraiser for it that I started last week. It would probably not be a good use of M-Brane funds anyway. We should instead keep the focus on accumulating a large enough endowment to go pro next year as stated it in the Grander Vision. As part of that, I will channel any new income toward paying some for Big Name appearances by writers in the zine during near-future months.

I hate to even post today because I don't want to push downward already the big recent news: M-Brane #4 published and Bob Vardeman--read below. I'm dying to write about David Gerrold's episode of the Star Trek: New Voyages project, but I need to put that off until tomorrow. Spoiler alert: Gay boys kiss on Trek...finally.

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Anonymous said...

That's disappointing. You never know what opportunities may arise, though. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm curious about the future Big Name appearances. Do you have some of these lined up for certain yet, and if so about when can we see a few?

Christopher Fletcher said...

I've got nothing lined up yet, but when I think the funding is there, I will be trying to set something up.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Sterling and William Browning Spencer are both from Texas (for some reason I think that's significant) and I noticed Sterling contributed an article to a small magazine recently -- I think it was the Steampunk magazine, but I could be mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Sterling also contributed to a small sci-fi humor zine I've been in called Space Squid. He certainly does seem to support the little guys. Jay Lake contributed to the same issue. It couldn't hurt to ask them.


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