Thursday, April 30, 2009


Cheers, peace and love from the Brane: The new issue is published and it is so good. We need new subscriptions and donations to the writers' fund badly, but I suspect this new issue will get us some. The print edition via Lulu and single-issue orders of #4 in PDF form are available on Page 2. Hit the button over there.

Keep reading below: my interview with the great Robert E. Vardeman is in the previous post. It also appears in the new issue along with chapter one of his new novel The Genetic Menace, soon to be released by Zumaya Publications.

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Brandon said...

I noticed a new Kindle version is coming out (Kindle DX) that is larger to support magazines and newspapers and with native PDF support. Good news for PDF editions of M-Brane and other online zines. B


Christopher Fletcher said...

That is good news...but I wonder if it's back-compatible at all...I don't know. I just wonder if all this is not quite ready for prime time yet. So many devices and file formats, etc.


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