Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What I said, part 2

Referring back to one of my April 3 posts...add Vermont to the list! 

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Christopher Fletcher said...

I got so excited that two states over-turned their anti-gay laws in just the few days since I complained on this blog about Card's position on it that I started feeling like we were one some kind of roll. After a moment of reflection, I realize that this is probably about it for now, unless California reverses prop 8. The vast majority of all of the rest of the states have constitutional amendments--passed into law in drooling popular referenda--barring some people from marriage rights. This will not change until there is a federal standard on it that supersedes all of the state laws since there is zero chance of any of these individual state amendments being repealed before a federal case makes it happen. A handful of states remain that do not have these amendments but have, like Iowa did, one of those "Defense of Marriage" acts that can be taken down by their state courts. Minnesota and Illinois are a couple of examples, so there could still be some progress a couple more times. Also, another thing to remember is that even though these recent state decisions are a step in the right direction, most of the legal benefits connected to marriage reside at the federal level and those still do not extend to people in the states that have state-recognized equality now.

Christopher Fletcher said...

Since the above comment I learned via Twitter from a tweet by writer Tobias Buckell that the District of Columbia today decided that they'd recognize gay marriages from the legalized states. Also, I posted on doorQ.com, where I am an occasional contributor, a reminder that alternative marriages and sexual relationships have been commonplace in WRITTEN sf (as opposed to TV and movies) for decades already. I made special reference to Delany, who had all kinds of stuff going on way back in the 1960s and it was--get this--NO BIG DEAL. His stories weren't ever about that, it was just an incidental and non-controversial fact that the characters weren't ALL str8 dudes. Speaking of doorQ (pronounced "dork" in case you didn't catch that yet), I made available to members of that an offer of a free PDF of issue #3 and a limited-time offer of a slightly discounted year subscription for doorQ members. Obviously, it's just a Pay Pal button sitting there out in the open on the subscription/guidelines page (lower right column under the donation buttons), so there's nothing stopping any of our "mainstream" audience from also availing themselves of the subscription discount. Just saying. If anyone wants to go ahead and suggest to me that they might be a gay dork just to save a couple bucks, that's cool! :)

D. D. said...

Ahhh... The joys and delights of alternative marketing! :-)


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