Friday, April 17, 2009

EXTRA: Brand new Vardeman to appear in #4

A little amendment to the issue #4 contents preview from the other day: I'm thrilled to announce that I will, in conjunction with Zumaya Publications, publish the first chapter of Robert Vardeman's previously-unpublished novel The Genetic Menace in M-Brane #4 on May 1. I will write much more about this later, but I just wanted to start getting the word out now. Vardeman is a writer that I first learned of when I was a little Trekkie kid because he wrote a couple of the first few Pocket Books Star Trek novels, so I am positively star-struck that I get to be involved in a small way with the publication of a brand new Vardeman book. Zumaya Publications, operated by Elizabeth Burton, is a super-cool indie publisher and has been re-releasing some of Vardeman's earlier stories as well as this new material. Publication of the complete novel from Zumaya is scheduled for shortly after the M-Brane preview. 

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