Monday, April 13, 2009

Briefly closing to submissions

Writers: I  hate to resort to this annoying behavior, but I need a brief break from new fiction submissions.  I am closing for a few weeks, until June 1, to give myself time to get some other important M-Brane-related work done. Once issue #5 comes out in June, I will be ready to start reading for future issues again. This will also get us caught up a bit on the publication schedule--I've been worried that I've acquired stories too quickly and have us booked out for too many issues. I really dislike having closed periods, but it will get my operation in a bit better shape going into summer. I still have a few submissions in the in-box as of today that I will reply to this week (this closed period does not necessarily apply to the "Q" antho, but I probably won't be deciding on acceptances for that anyway until after the deadline in a few months).

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