Thursday, April 2, 2009

Zumaya Publications

I want to draw attention to one of M-Brane's very first ad sponsors, the remarkable book publisher Zumaya Publications, based in Austin. Those of you who have copies of issue #3, take a minute to look at the Zumaya ad on the inside back cover (right next to my article on The Forever War). If you don't have a copy of #3 yet, you are missing out so badly you can't even imagine it. It's actually the explanation for most problems you might be experiencing currently. But there's still time to subscribe or order that single issue. 

Launched in 2001, Elizabeth Burton's company publishes books in traditional print fashion as well in all the electronic formats. When Liz first responded to my announcement that I was accepting ads in the magazine, the name of her operation sounded vaguely familiar, but now I see it everywhere. Zumaya's titles are all over Amazon and Fictionwise. Zumaya publishes titles in several genres, but readers (and writers) of M-Brane might be most interested in the Otherworlds spec fic imprint.

I really dig this sort of thing: it is new media, new publishing, an approach to getting books to readers that bucks convention and bypasses a lot of the snobbery of the "mainstream" while still being a real publisher and not a vanity press. What  Zumaya Publications is doing is very compatible with what I am doing with M-Brane in the sense of finding a publication model that can survive into the new era and retain the kind of flexibility and economy needed to be a survivor when the Titans fall (no, don't worry, I won't get started into that lecture again).

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