Saturday, April 11, 2009

Possible new anthology project

I announced at and on Twitter yesterday that I am probably going to edit and publish sometime this year an anthology of GLBT-oriented short science fiction under the M-Brane umbrella but not actually as part of the regular zine itself.  I haven't written formal guidelines for it and therefore haven't announced it at Ralan's or Duotrope yet.  I'll probably get something up about it over there and here on Page 2 within a few days. I think it's going to be offered as an e-book and as a POD book via Lulu (and also Amazon, if I can lick the conversion process for a Kindle e-book; some progress has been made on that lately, thanks D.D.).

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Christopher Fletcher said...

And, just so you know, I am NOT planning this book just as an excuse to use the kick-ass phrase "under the M-BRANE umbrella"

Anonymous said...

You totally need to start a line of M-Brane brand products now, starting with an umbrella :)

Anonymous said...

Will it have an isbn number and all that!? I'm not even sure how that works... but that is very cool!


Christopher Fletcher said...

B, I think it would probably have an isbn, yes-- at least for any print version. Which would make it really fancy-pants.

Derek, We may start with umbrellas. Also considering rain coats (by which I mean condoms).

Anonymous said...

...not going to touch that "rain coat" comment...

Some reading regarding ISBN's:

Typically the best bet from what I hear is to buy a bundle of ten (in fact, if I remember correctly you have to buy around ten at a time from most places), but to do so you need to have them purchased under a business name. I know lulu offers their own options now which are different from when I first put out the original SFW anthology, but from what I understand, to use the options through them you have to give up some major rights, especially regarding your pricing on B&N, Amazon, and other websites.

The project sounds cool. From what I've read from other authors and readers, there is a huge market for that particular sub-genre, and I have read some amazing authors recently working with GLBT themes in pretty sympathetic and thoughtful ways. Off the top of my head, LSS (Lone Star Stories), has published some very nice stories dealing with that subject. Authors like Sarah Monette spring to mind. You may want to contact some of those authors with personal invites.

Good luck!

Christopher Fletcher said...

Good advice, TJ. I'll definitely research the isbn situation further. I'm aware of some of what you said above but I need to figure out the details especially with regard to Lulu etc. I have some time since I haven't set a deadline on this, which is kind of nice as far as having the leisure to make sure it's good. I think you're right, also, that I might want to seek out and invite some writers who have been known to write in this sub-genre. I'd like to have new people, of course, but I think it would rule if I could get someone with a Big Name in on it, even if it's a re-print from way back.

D. D. said...

George Takei wrote a pretty fair SF novel a while ago. Why not hit him up for a story?

Christopher Fletcher said...

I did not know that Takei had written any fiction. I looked it up and found a thing that he co-wrote with Robert Asprin called "Mirror Friend, Mirror Foe." I guess that's what you are referring to? I didn't find anything else by him, but I only spent a second looking. It's a good idea though to at least find out if he does still write anything or would want to for a project like this. I'll see if I can figure out a way to query him about it. How freakin cool would that be to have SULU in my book!

D. D. said...

He was on a book tour in LA in the late 80's. I got an autographed copy and had the chance to chat with him. Really nice person. Lost the book during one of several moves!


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