Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Planting days

Yesterday I accomplished nothing on either M-Brane or my personal writing, but I had a fine and productive afternoon with Jeff helping him move some of our house-plants outside for the season and planting herbs and flowers. I am posting a few pictures to indicate what we were working on. Unfortunately, Jeff harshly censored the photos, deleting nearly every single one in which he appears. He also deleted the video that I was surreptitiously shooting at one point. So he will be extremely suspicious of me this afternoon when we plant the chile peppers.

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D. D. said...

When we lived in Connecticut, we had a wonderful vegetable garden. Cukes, tomatoes, squash, lettuce and peppers (Green). After the first year of delicious vegetables, the Animal Kingdom declared open season on our garden. We had rabbits, deer and one really annoying hedgehog eat everything for three years straight. I almost got a sign that said "Mother Natures Salad Bar"! My neighbor got hit also. He used to sit out in his backyard with a crossbow gunning for the fat bastard. But my other neighbor accidentally creamed the hedge hog with his truck one night.

This encounter also showed me evolution in action, and the fact that the distance between ourselves and the lower rungs of the food chain are rapidly diminishing. We tried to trap the hedge hog so we could transport him somewhere else. We bought a big Hav-A-Heart trap and baited it with cantaloupe. We waited patiently.

That afternoon, the hedge hog waddled up to the trap and sniffed around it. He went to the side of it, gave it a head-butt and knocked it on its' side. He gave ti another head-butt and knocked it on its' top. The trap sprung and released the melon. He waddled in, ate the melon, and waddled back into the forest.

At least in Texas, the critters don't become smarter, they become dinner!

Christopher Fletcher said...

Around here, our main animal nemeses are squirrels. Last season, we had one which constantly attacked a potted plant that sat in the middle of our outdoor dining table. It didn't really eat the thing, just dug in the dirt and made a mess of it on a regular basis. Later, another one got inside the house through the chimney. Two cats live inside our house, so this intrusion resulted in a bloody and gruesome incident the likes of which I hope to not see again. But there aren't any squirrels living in our chimney anymore.


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