Wednesday, April 1, 2009

#3 available on Lulu

The Lulu store is open for business again with M-Brane #3 print edition available for order. I'll be adding the other issues and probably an "omnibus" edition by sometime tomorrow.  The print edition is $7.95 which is $2.05 less than I was able to sell my locally-produced copies of #1 and #2 but there will be shipping charge from Lulu which will make it a bit more...but the quality of this print version will be vastly better than what I was able to do at the local print-monger.

I'll also get "PAGE 2" (the buy-stuff/writers guidelines page) updated sometime tomorrow with a link to Lulu and also a button for a single-issue purchase of #3 in PDF directly from me.

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D. D. said...

The issue looks great and I love the editorial stuff! I knew you when...


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