Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I couldn't be prouder of #3. As I write this, I think that all writers, sponsors and subscribers should have received their PDFs via email.  Be sure to check out and hopefully patronize this month's sponsors Zumaya and Apex, two fine, fine smallish-press book publishers.  I'll have more about each of them on this blog within a day or two. I want to thank, also, the writers: this issue is so good it brings tears to my eyes (especially after staring at it all day), and it's due to all y'all.

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Cate Gardner said...

Looks fantastic.

Christopher Fletcher said...

OK...hmmmm...damn and blast! I'll just say it: there is an annoying technical blunder in copies of the first wave of M-Branes 3 that went out last night. I used a source file for the PDF in which I had NOT changed the month in the template for those headers on every page. So it says "MARCH 2009" and not April. I thought I had changed it and done a "save/replace file" maneuver on it, but I ended up creating another whole copy somewhere else in my directory but used the wrong one for those first rounds of emails. The reason that I considered not even posting this comment is because I thought there was a chance that no one would notice, or if they DID notice then they would not say anything to me about it and not really care. So why do I blab now? Maybe no one noticed at all until I announced it to the planet! But, you see, I also didn't want to leave the possibility that you would think me inept enough to have never caught such a thing. So I come clean. All "second wave" PDF copies and the upcoming POD version are dated correctly. Each issue I seem to learn a new mistake to not make next time. I wonder what the issue #4 blunder will be!

D. D. said...

As with raising a child, all parents make mistakes. With experience, the mistakes become smaller and less obvious...

Christopher Fletcher said...

Yeah. that'd be something if I had a CHILD...

TV NEWS REPORTER: When you adopted your child, did you suspect that he would eventually become the most tyrannical megalomaniac in history?

CHRIS: Well, when he was 8 years old, he DID seize militarily the homes of all of our adjacent neighbors (during the 7 Hours War), but he eventually withdrew his occupation forces. We only permanently annexed the people directly across the street.

REPORTER: And that did not cause you some concern?

CHRIS: Well, hindsight is 20/20.


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