Tuesday, March 10, 2009

#3 Lulu test promising/ Subscription drive anemic

1. In my ongoing effort to make M-Brane available for POD via Lulu, I uploaded the issue #3 file and examined it for for failures. It looks fine, and I think I can say with renewed confidence that this edition can be made available simultaneously with the PDF release on 4/1 (see previous post for contents and cover image of #3). The Lulu versions of #1 and #2 are still too error-ridden, but I am considering fixing that now that I know how. I still have a few print copies of #1 and #2 and they remain for sale via the "subscribe" link. 

2. A while ago, I set a goal of getting 25 new subscriptions or equivalent in donations or sales of single copies or print copies of #1 and #2 by 3/15.  It's 3/10, and we're not there yet. Just saying. It does appear, however, that some more awareness of the existence of the zine is penetrating through the web. 

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D. D. said...

Way to go, Chris!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of giving print subscriptions as birthday and xmas presents this year. :)

Also, I got a sample copy of The Willows. Might be worth checking with those guys as to how they deal with the print process since they have a lot of intricate graphics (it is a Victorian-themed mag, so you can imagine) and I bet it can be pretty expensive to produce. Anyway, it reminded me of M-Brane since the physical binding/paper is similar.

Hope you are doing well. I'm not getting any writing/critting done this past week and its driving me bonkers. :)



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