Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Some other mag updates

I noticed that Asimov's is out with its 400th issue, which is pretty impressive. I was at a used book shop last week that had on its shelves possibly as many as 200 of those. Their website publishes online teaser portions of some of the stories but also some of the non-fic and editorial content.  Currently up is an interesting article by Robert Silverberg about his experience over the years with reading and then re-reading A.E. Van Vogt's famous and famously weird novel The World of Null-A. Silverberg is old enough to have read it when it was published as a serial in Astounding and hailed by editor John Campbell as one of the greatest feats of sf. If you're interested in Van Vogt or Null-A at all, do check out Silverberg's article. I was familiar with the novel, but had not known how many revisions it had gone through over the years.

Realms of Fantasy is evidently not shutting down after all.  It's been acquired by another publisher and is said to be continuing as normal in May with McCarthy staying on as editor. More details on it can be found at Locus Online. It's an unusual piece of good news for genre print fiction mags these days.

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