Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reminders: M-BRANE #2 still exists even though #3 is coming soon

I set a goal at about the time of the release of issue #2 that I wanted to see 25 new subscriptions or the equivalent in single-copy PDF sales or print copy sales of that issue by 3/15.  We didn't quite make it: there was a serious slow-down in new sign-ups for a couple weeks...but it has picked up again slightly. And I did go ahead over the weekend and show it to a bunch of VIPS and sf bloggerati and other genre-interested folks in much the way I did with issue #1 (though without the fully free public posting of it). So between the regular readership and all of that extra promotional stuff I did, we've gotten a really excellent exposure for the issue #2 writers, and I'll keep at it the rest of the month.  But it's in no way too late to make it a bit better: readers of this blog who may not be on the magazine subscription list yet can go ahead and start 
up the astounding year with issue #2 right now or purchase just issue #2 (click over there on the right on that "subscribe" link, be transferred over to PAGE 2, and there you'll see all the options currently being 

Issue #3 is set for 4/1 release and it is going to rock out.  People will love it. They'll blog about it.  The Twitterati will tweet about it. (Something that I just noticed about it a few minutes ago: writers Catherine Gardner and Garrett Calcaterra are both in it, and they both happened to also be published together in the recent Arkham Tales #2.) I think I might even have a special surprise lined up for the third issue, but I don't know for sure yet, so I'll shut the frak up about it for now.

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