Monday, March 16, 2009

Winter: Over with

Jeff and I have decreed the winter season, at least in this part of the country, to be ended for the year. The weather is nice enough today that we have gone ahead and gotten the patio furniture set back up and Jeff is starting to gear up for the spring gardening season. Though this past winter, now ended, was relatively mild with no serious ice storms or appreciable snow accumulation, it was characterized by what seemed to be endless stretches of unacceptably cold temperatures. We will accept no recurrence of such conditions until the onset of next winter.

Now that it's over, we are probably only a week or two away from the time when most of the native Okies start their long season of non-stop complaining about how hot it is. Not us, though: we welcome the heat of summer. I wanted to take a picture of the back patio as it is now with the table and chairs in place and post it here, but Jeff insists that I wait until he has filled the area with pots of plants.

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