Monday, March 2, 2009


I have placed for sale on Lulu, the print-on-demand publisher, a double-issue edition compiling the contents of issues #1 and #2. It is available in both print and download options.  The print edition is $9.65, which is about as cheap as I could get it.  I think that's maybe a reasonable price for a printed, bound version of those 116 pages, but who knows what the shipping will be on that. That's been my whole hang-up with these print options the whole time: the book might not be too expensive, but they'll really let you have it on postage.  Just for the hell of it, I made it available for download from there also, for a fee. Most regular readers have already seen both issues in PDF (and #1 is free for the downloading all the time anyway), so that won't be of much interest to most of you guys. But as we go forward and more people find out about it (and when we get, say, issues #3 and #4 out), then I expect maybe some people will want an option like that. The M-Brane Lulu "store" can be reached by clicking here.  I will also get a link up on "Page 2"--that place you go to when you click over there on the left for subscription info or writers' guidelines.

Like the print edition of #1 (as those few of you who saw it know), the Lulu print omnibus lacks interior color--it's not like M-Brane's full of pretty pictures anyway. I reproduced in miniature the color covers of both issues on the front of the double-edition.  Then, within it, the reader will find those front covers reproduced again in their normal page 1 positions, but rendered in black and white. There is no master table of contents: the pagination of the thing is exactly like that of the stand-alone issues. It's as if they have been stacked #1 on top of #2 and bound together.

A single-issue way to buy #2 in print is not yet ready--I will update on that shortly (or at least by 3/15) like I've been promising. 

I'm also going to put up a way to buy the single issue of #2 in PDF from this site as another option for folks who maybe aren't ready to commit to the whole subscription. All of this will be  accessible through that "CLICK HERE" spot in the upper left which whisks the reader away to "PAGE 2."

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Christopher Fletcher said...

Ok, now there are also available on Lulu print versions of the individual issues #1 and #2 (unfortunately for only a slightly lower charge than the two-issue omnibus). As I said before, these print versions lack the spot color that you see in the PDF, but I have created covers for them using the same color covers from the original PDF editions. What's a little weird, is that when you open the cover you will see the cover again in black and white and then the issue truly starts. It's an unavoidable thing with Lulu--they offer you a color cover (in fact there's no choice in the matter) but don't offer the option of printing anything on the INSIDE of the cover. So, to keep my pagination, where page 2 is back to back with the cover (page 1), that's the way it must be. Dreary, I know, but at last these print options are coming online.

D. D. said...

Yeah, has some quirks. I have a technical manual I published through them and it made me twitchy trying to get things right. My main complaint is the price increase they hit everybody with a few months ago and certain restrictions on what you can do. Like you can't get an ISBN through them for a spiral-bound book. At least they didn't the last time I published...

Christopher Fletcher said...

They also have a grade of paper that for some reason doesn't permit an ISBN. I can't imagine what the paper could possibly have to do with it. I have not yet bothered with ISBN anyway for what I have done so far, but it's good to know its available on at least some products.


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