Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lulu Print Wars: Episode IV A NEW HOPE

I wish to publicly thank writer Dan (D.D.) Tannenbaum (whose excellent story "The Hole That Max Found" is scheduled for M-Brane #5) for assisting me via email and phone today with the confounding Lulu font problem that I have been documenting on this page, and which has threatened the possibility of me offering the print editions of M-Brane using Lulu's otherwise pretty user-friendly POD service.

It's not all completely resolved yet, but I have just moments ago performed another Lulu test, inspired by my conversation with Dan. It seems that the Cambria font might have been the sole problem and that if I just use something else, then I can make this happen and re-open the Lulu store. But...I am not ready to say it's a done deal yet, and I will not have time to rework the existing issues for Lulu formatting right away.  So no #1/#2 omnibus. I will proceed into production on issue #3, however, with this bit of new success in mind.  So what I said in an earlier post and on "Page 2" about the print editions of #1 and #2 still stands for now. If all works as it seems it may, I will be able to get future issues into Lulu. 

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